Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hey Guys!

So this is my first post! [In almost four years of having this...Shy much? Haha. Lazy more like ¬_¬] Well...let's get acquainted!

My name is Leslie (I don't usually like to use my given name. My family calls me and friends sometimes call me Elle/Ellie/Lellie. Usually I only hear 'Leslie' from teachers/my madre when I'm in trouble) I'm a student, live in London and I am 22 years old!

I've recently started dealing with confidence and self-esteem issues and so on and so forth and also really started getting into make-up/fashion so this blog will probably be a lot to do with those things. I love, love, love films and music so...there just might be all of that on here too! I have finally decided to just cast my life, thoughts, musings and findings out into the endless sea that is the internet.
I've been doing it for a little while on tumblr and it feels fantastic to have an outlet. To just post things and talk about things you like and enjoy.

I'm a simple creature, just trying to live life and be happy! Too long has life been overcomplicated, its time to uncomplicate that muhhfuka! ^_^