Friday, 24 August 2012

⊱ Poppy King 'Raindrops' Lip Crayon | Review ⊰

I had been eyeing these for a while but never really got around to getting them but since Boots started their half-price clearout on No7 make-up I figured it was the perfect time to have a butchers and see if they were in on the promotion.

They were!

Eager to get them before they sold out, I ordered two with Next Day Delivery: "Skipping" and "Smiling". The packaging is nice, matching the shade of the lip crayon with the addition of raindrops - that is the title of the collection after all!

The lip crayons come with a sharpener on the lid which I'm very thankful for as it is a thoughtful addition. It adds convenience to the crayons as if you were to take them out with you, if they did need sharpening, you'd be able to do it there and then rather than having to search for a sharpener! I only wonder how they will turn out when I eventually have to sharpen them ^_^ (note - open with care, don't be heavy handed like I was and dismantle the sharpener straight away)

I have always preferred these types of 'chubbier' lip pencils or crayons because I think they tend to cooperate with my lips better and these definitely reinforced that thought!

As they are described by Poppy, they really do give you a silky smooth, moisturising sheen of colour.

Of the two that I bought I think my favourite is "Skipping" as it looks like a deep red in the pencil but it comes out as a really subtle, beautiful nude to pink tint. It really does look like my lips, but better!

"Smiling" is a bolder shade, the type you would probably wear with simpler make-up so that the attention would be to the fantastic colour on your lips. I also found that mixing the two together a little   also gives a nice healthy tint to the lips.

Overall I think these lip crayons are beautifully made and definitely worth the usual £11.50 price tag. They are even more enticing now that they are half price! 

Another set of 'chubby' lip crayons I have my eye on are the Clinique Chubby Sticks which retail for £16.00. I've been very impressed with Clinique lately (post coming!) and I'm almost certain these won't disappoint!

Pros:  Soft on the lips, moisturising, simple, no parabens,
Cons: None really - for some maybe the amount of shades (5)

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